Township Roads

<strong>Questions or Concerns?</strong>
Contact Supervisor Jim Ward.  You can also call the Town Hall during office hours: 525-5705.

Good Ditches Keep Our Streams Healthy
Ever follow the ditch on your road down to where it finally empties out onto something that isn’t a ditch? That “something” is often a natural water that we want to protect. Often it is one of our trout streams or a tributary to our trout streams. So everything in our ditches washes down to them. We can help our streams and Lake Superior simply by keeping our ditches in good shape. Here’s a list of helpful things to do when the snow melts.
1. Remove all the trash from ditches along your property.
2. Look for areas where nothing grew last year and consider adding a few native grass seeds or native
wildflower seeds.
3. Check for culverts blocked by debris from winter.
4. Look for problem areas to keep an eye on after big storms—these are areas where the ditch is becoming
deeper, has steep sides, is starting to meander (wander) back and forth, or where the sides are
slumping in. If any of this is severe, you may need help now.
If you need help now, notify the Town Road Supervisor if you live on a Township road; if you live on a county road, contact the County Maintenance Supervisors for our area (Gordy Halverson,, 218-720-1508; or Bradley Olson,, 218-720-1509)



There are 11.47 miles of Township roads, including: Aho (.5), Alseth (1.1), Beck (.25), N. Bergquist (.3), Clover Valley (1.3), Culas (.2), Dammon (.3), East Lismore (.4), Englund (.25), Gamble (.2), Greenwood (1.2), Henry Hill (.25), Jackson/N Ryan (.4), Mace (.3), Nordling (.12mi), Olson (.5), Pine Tree (.1), Riemer (.15), Schoenberg (.3), Shilhon (.45), Spruce Court (.1), Swanson (.25), Torgeson (.8), Walter Johnson (.5), and E. & W. Wildwood (1.25), . Other roads in the Township are County, State or private roads. For questions about County roads, call the County Tool House at 525-7000.


Site Entry Permit Form for Entry on to Township Roads

Surface Water Run-off and Blacktop Obstructions from Driveways

If you have questions regarding a County Rd, please contact St Louis County Public Works/ Roads 5th Maintainence Dist.
5595 Jean Duluth Road
Duluth, MN 55803 Phone: 218-525-7000