Lakeview Cemetery

Cemetery Sexton: Molly Tillotson
Phone: 218-626-7005.

Flowers at the Duluth Township Lakeview Cemetery 

In 2006 the Town Board decided to no longer permit artificial flowers in the Duluth Township cemetery. By the end of every summer we were ending up with a large pile of plastic flowers and pieces of flowers that had been run over by the mowing crew and that created an unsightly mess.
Instead, we are asking folks to use cemetery baskets or boxes with live flowers, or to plant spring-blooming bulbs.

Live flowers in boxes are not a problem for the mowing crews, and we have installed two rain barrels to help folks keep their flowers watered (we even have a watering can available).

We also encourage people to plant hardy (zone 2 or 3) spring bulbs such as daffodils and grape hyacinth, which deer typically do not eat. Thank you for helping us keep our cemetery a peaceful and beautiful place.