Duluth Township

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Duluth Township Police Department

Call 911 for all Emergencies

To leave messages and non-emergency information:
Duluth Township Police: 393-8407 or 525-5705    e-mail us at PoliceOffice@duluthtownship.org
St Louis County 911 or their office: 727-8770

Receive by e-mail, Duluth Township Police Crime Notifications Sign up

Home Watch Request    Request police to check your home and property while you are away. The form provides police with information about your home,  (lights on, vehicles in drive, etc) and who they should call if there is a problem and they need a key.
There is no fee for this service.

The members of the Duluth Township Police Department are as follows:

Chief Shawn Padden, Mike Peterson, Steve Peterson

The members of the Duluth Township Police Department patrol the County, State and Township roads within Duluth Township, as well as conduct business and residence checks on a routine basis and respond to calls for service as allowed by the Town Electorate for a total of 160 hours per month on a part-time employee status.

Crime Prevention Tips:
• Call 911 or the Duluth Township Police if you suspect something is just not right.
• If you see something, report it. • Lock doors and windows. • Record serial numbers on valuables. • Take pictures of jewelry, guns and electronics. • Let us know when you are away on vacation. • Do not leave large amounts of coin/cash hidden or in plain view.
Burglars may go up to a house and knock on the door. If nobody answers, they might break in. On some occasions, people were home and burglars used a random excuse such as "I'm here to look at that item you were selling on Craig's list" or some other odd purpose for being on the doorstep. It's not a bad idea to keep your door locked too.
Debit Card Fraud. Residents in the area have received fraudulent calls stating that there were problems with their debit card. These calls are an attempt at fraud. Do not give personal information or information about your account or card.

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 Crime Mapping Website  »   This is a web site that shows a map of crimes in the area. You can also sign up to have crime information in your neighborhood sent to you by email.
Once connected, you can enter your address and see a map with the location of our Police Office and any recent crimes in your area. The site provides some detail about the police events as well. It’s a pretty slick way to get local crime information and alerts.
Crime-mapping was developed, in part, through a grant that the Northeast Law Enforcement Administrators Council was awarded by Congressman Oberstar’s office and is part of President Obama’s Stimulus effort.

Chief Shawn Padden
Duluth Township Police Department
Investigator- Lake Superior Drug Task Force
Duluth Police Department/OCB

If you have any information regarding any criminal activity in this community, please contact the Duluth Township Police Department at 218-525-5705, (patrol mobile phone 393-8407) or e-mail us at PoliceOffice@duluthtownship.org

The ChildSafe Gun Locks are available for pick up at the Town Hall during business hours or by appointment with the Police Department.

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