When to call 911

When Should You Call 911?

Mark Haselow, Police Chief 

In general, call 911 for emergencies — fire, health, accidents, threats, assaults or burglaries in progress, suspicious activity, etc. If it is an urgent concern to you, you should call 911 and the dispatcher will decide what sort of action is needed. This is also the way to get in contact with our Township Officers for emergencies.

Often individuals may be hesitant to call 911 when something unusual is going on that may or may not seem to be an emergency. It’s best to call so that the dispatcher can decide. There have been recent incidents where something was going on that could have ended in a severe medical emergency and calling 911 might help handle the situation. If you see something suspicious, a call would be worthwhile in case it connects with an investigation that Officers are pursuing. If in doubt, call 911.

In the summer when you have a burning permit and are starting your burn, you are asked to notify the 911 office so they can save a fire run if your neighbor or a passerby reports your fire.

When you have non-emergency information or requests, you could call the 911 office (727-8770) or our Township Officers (393-8407 or 525-5705) to leave a message.
Remember that our Township Officers are part time so be patient for their return call.