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From September 1968 through June 1979, and June 1985 through July 1989, a monthly newsletter called “The Landmarks” was published in our community. Its name “The
Landmarks” was derived from the first letter of the four townships for which it was produced: Lakewood, Alden, Normanna, and Duluth. The newsletter was the idea of
Pastor Arthur Solberg of the French River Lutheran Church, who strongly felt a local publication was needed as a vehicle for communication within the community.
At that time the issue of school consolidation was just starting to be discussed, and “The Landmarks” served as a forum for that debate, as well as a means for local people to
get accurate information regarding the possible closing of their high school. Approximately 30 parents of students attending Clover Valley High School and North
Shore Elementary were initially involved in getting the “The Landmarks” off the ground. Through the sale of sloppy joes and cinnamon rolls at local events, enough money was
raised for Volume, 1, Number 1 to be printed. A $1 per year subscription fee was charged for the newsletter, and soon over 250 families were receiving “The Landmarks”
in their homes each month.
“The Landmarks” was designed as a means of communicating important local news; no personal information such as wedding announcement or birthdays would be reported.
Many of the articles, however, did have historical significance. In fact, seldom did an issue of “The Landmarks” get published without a story detailing the life of an immigrant
homesteader or containing information regarding one of the many early schools of the area. In the first few years, news from each of the four townships was submitted
regularly by a core of local “reporters,” including people like Doris Schyberg, Norma Lindquist, Judy Spooner and Verna Holappa. For most of its existence “The
Landmarks” was published by Jeannine Engelson and Helen Hendrickson, who wrote many of the articles and did most of the newsletter’s editing. “The Landmarks”,
however, was truly a cooperative effort, and it was successful only because of the energy of numerous people within the community.
For a four-year period in the late 1980s, “The Landmarks” was revived under the leadership of Patti Aho Heilman. The same format of local news and historical articles
was carried on in the new “The Landmarks”, but it too eventually ceased publication. The last extant issue is dated July 1989.
Issues included below
> September 1968 through June 1979 (complete)
> June 1985 through February 1988 (complete)
> After February 1988, issues dated May 1988, July 1988, September/October 1988, February 22, 1989, July 1989


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September, 1968-October, 1973

November, 1973- February, 1979

March, 1979-June, 1979

June, 1985-July, 1985

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