Township Roads

Updated Road Report

Questions or Concerns?
Contact Supervisors Travis Stolp (Phone 218-391-1303) or Corlis West (218-525-7719).  Or you can email  Corlis or Travis by clicking on their names. You can also call the Town Hall during office hours: 525-5705.

There are 11.47 miles of Township roads, including: Aho (.5), Alseth (1.1), Beck (.25), N. Bergquist (.3), Clover Valley (1.3), Culas (.2), Dammon (.3), East Lismore (.4), Englund (.25), Gamble (.2), Greenwood (1.2), Henry Hill (.25), Jackson/N Ryan (.4), Mace (.3), Nordling (.12mi), Olson (.5), Pine Tree (.1), Riemer (.15), Schoenberg (.3), Shilhon (.45), Spruce Court (.1), Swanson (.25), Torgeson (.8), Walter Johnson (.5), and E. & W. Wildwood (1.25), . Other roads in the Township are County, State or private roads. For questions about County roads, call the County Tool House at 525-7000.


Site Entry Permit Form for Entry on to Township Roads

If you have questions regarding a County Rd, please contact St Louis County Public Works/ Roads 5th Maintainence Dist.
5595 Jean Duluth Road
Duluth, MN 55803 Phone: 218-525-7000