About the Town Board

From left to right: Mike Kahl, Corlis West, John Schifsky, Rolf Carlson, Penny Morton.

Five supervisors are elected to 3 yr staggered terms. Election day is the same day as the spring Annual Town Meeting.
Town Board meetings are held each month on the 2nd Thursday at 6:30 pm in the Town Hall.
Meetings are open to the public and Town residents are encouraged to attend.

Correspondence with Town Supervisors can be addressed to them at the Town Hall address or email by clicking on the name below.
Note that messages are answered when the person is next on duty. Our Township offices are only staffed part time.

Rolf Carlson (2017-2020)
(Responsibilities: Board Chair, Personnel, Cemetery; alternate to Intergovernmental Relations*, North Shore Management Board)

Penny Morton (2018-2021)
(Responsibilities: Vice-Chair, Business Management*, Liaison to Community Center/NSCS Foundation Board; Alternate to North Shore Management Board, Intergovernmental Relations*, and Personnel.

Corlis West (2017-2020)
(Responsibilities: Town Hall, Roads, Invasive Weeds, and Materials Management*; Alternate for Intragovernmental Relations* and North Shore Management Board).

John Schifsky (2019-2022)
(Responsibilities: Arts and Heritage Work Group, Communications*, Public Safety*; Alternate for Cemetery, Intragovernamental Relations* and North Shore Management Board)

Michael Kahl (2019-2022)
(Responsibilities: Plannning and Zoning. Alternate for Roads, Invasive Weeds, Intragovernmental Relations*,  Business Management*, and North Shore Management Board)

Business Management: Insurance, Financials, Banking
Communications: Website, Social Media, IT for Town Hall, Phone Service, Liaison to the Newsletter
Intergovernmental Relations: Liaison to St. Louis County Association of Townships and Duluth Area Townships
Public Safety: Police, Fire, Emergency Operations
Materials Management: Garbage, recycling.