Township Recycling Center

Town Hall, on Homestead Road
Coordinated by:
Carolyn Marino

April – Oct:
Tues. 7-11 am & 3-7 pm,
Thurs. 3-7 pm,
Sat. 8 – noon.

Nov – March:
Tues. 7-11 am & 2-6 pm,
Thurs. 2-6 pm,
Sat. 8 – noon.

(Drop off only during recycling hours)

Curb recycling pickup service is available below the freeway.



  • Mixed Containers
  • Mixed Paper
  • Corrugated Cardboard
  • Newspaper


Surveillance cameras have been installed around the Town Hall because of recent vandalism and garbage dumping.


Until recently, recycled aluminum cans were collected and put in a separate chain link enclosure at the Town Hall to be picked up by our North Shore Community School and sold to support the library.
Over the years we have had continuing problems with theft and dumping household garbage in the aluminum can enclosure. Recently someone sped off after stealing the cans, spreading them over Homestead Road. Repeatedly our heavy locks and chains on the enclosure have been cut. Recycling Shed volunteers shouldn’t have to put up with these messes. So, we’ve decided to stop separating out aluminum cans. Aluminum cans should be put in the current recycling bins along with plastic bottles and metal cans.

If you have visited our Township Recycling shed recently, you may have noticed that the signs are different and the recyclables look like they have been mixed up. That‟s because residents only need to sort their recyclables into 4 different categories (instead of the usual 8). The change is a space saver at home and a time saver at the shed.

Inside the shed, all the carts are used for mixed up containers now. There is no need to sort out the different colors of glass from the plastics or the metal cans. They can all go into the same cart.

Outside, the situation has changed a little bit. Mixed paper will still go into its own dumpster as will the corrugated cardboard. But now there will be a new dumpster for all the newspapers. And the plastic dumpster is relabeled for mixed containers too (as overflow from inside the shed).
So, there is one category inside the shed—mixed containers, and three categories outside—mixed paper, corrugated cardboard and newspaper (with the extra dump-ster for shed overflow, just in case). Stop in and check it out!

Just a quick reminder about which plastics we cannot accept at the shed.
These plastics were mentioned at a recent Shed Keepers meeting and we were told by Hartel’s/DBJ, our hauler, that they were
1. Flower pots.
2. Grocery deli containers (black bottoms, clear tops),green/clear plastic berry baskets or lettuce containers.
3. 5-gallon buckets and larger kitty litter containers.
4. Overhead light fixture covers.
5. Plastic waste baskets.
6. Plastic milk crates.
7. Orange/brown plastic prescription containers.

If you have any questions,please ask the attendant on duty.