Fire Department

Serving Duluth Township, Alden Township and Surrounding Mutual Aid Areas 

firetruckServing Duluth Township, Alden Township and Surrounding Mutual Aid Areas. Our Clifton Volunteer Fire Department was founded in 1945. The first fire hall was located near what is now the McQuade Safe Harbor on Scenic Highway 61. What is now Hall #2 came next in 1985. Then a new Hall #1 was built in 1994 and is now our main fire hall. Clifton Fire Department serves Duluth Township and, by contract, Alden Township. In addition, there are mutual aid agreements which allow us to call on nearby fire departments for aid and we also respond when asked. There is now an automatic mutual aid call when an adjoining township has a confirmed structure fire. This saves time rather than waiting for a call once the first department is on scene.

Clifton Volunteer Fire Department responds to medical emergencies as well as fires. Many members are both trained fire fighters and first responders. The Department has a roster of 22 and volunteers are welcome! We underwrite fire school and first responder training and provide all the turnout gear and related supplies.

The Fire Department has a business meeting at 7pm on the first Tuesday of each month and a training meeting on the third Wednesday at 7pm at Hall 1. From time to time there are special training sessions such as training burns.

Clifton Volunteer Fire Department is a Department of the Town of Duluth, with adopted bylaws governing its operation. A budget is approved as part of the tax levy of the Township. We also have received a number of grants for equipment (tanker, hoses, medical equipment, etc.). Fire halls and equipment (3 pumpers, 2 tankers, a pickup grass fire truck, and a donated van used for special equipment) are owned by the Town and the Town provides relevant insurance. There is a modest pension fund with contributions by the State and Township, audited annually by the State.

The Name “Clifton” came about from the historic place location name. The Clifton family named the area after an English town and it stuck! Besides, there would be lots of confusion if it were called the “Duluth Fire Department”!

Our Department has achieved a fire rating of 7, which is useful to you in getting your fire insurance.

Fire Department Calendars are provided by our Fire & First Responder Auxiliary. They are distributed free to every household in Duluth Township.

Annual Harvest Dinner Benefit
Put on by the Fire Department Auxiliary as a fund raiser for the Department. The 2017 Annual Harvest dinner (2nd Saturday in October) will be Saturday, October 14, 5-7 pm at the Town Hall

Station 1Station 1
2146 Old North Shore Rd
(at Ryan Rd and Old North Shore Rd.)

 Station 2
6092 Homestead Rd
(By our Town Hall)

Station 3Station 3
Alden Township Fire Hall
(On Laine Road)