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Advocates for the Knife River Watershed

Want to know more about projects underway to improve water quality and fish habitat in the Knife River and its tributaries?
Are you concerned about how public lands are logged near streams? What are the pros and cons of beaver removal from the watershed? The Advocates for the Knife is an independent group of local citizens that welcomes you to join us in learning about these issues and working to become a citizen's voice in land use decisions and practices affecting the Knife River.
We meet regularly at the Duluth Town Hall to hear from knowledgeable presenters on issues affecting the Knife and other north shore streams. Call 834-2247 to learn more about us. To get on our contact list and receive future notices of meetings, notify Secretary Julie Johnson at julnrod@gmail.com.

Community Center/NSCS Update

Purchase Agree for Community Center

"Use Agreement" for School Property

As of August 26th, the 40 acre grounds and building of North Shore Community School are now the property of ABC Inc. Over the last 11 years or so it has been our Township's Community Center (rented to NSCS in order to save the school). Over the years, the Township has upgraded the property from rental payments plus Township and NSCS grants (e.g. new roof, added 3 classrooms and office, energy efficient windows, removal of asbestos and new floor covering, safety upgrades, warming house and skating/hockey rinks, picnic pavilion outdoor toilet, improved athletic fields, maintenance equipment, trail upgrades, etc.). Changes in State law now permit charter school affiliated building corporations (ABC's) to own school property.

In general, community use is permitted after school hours and in the summer break. Day to day arrangements to schedule use by the community are handled by staff. If there are larger concerns or financial requests, these are handled by a newly formed Joint Use Committee (JUC) of 5 members, 1 from NSCS, 1 from ABC Inc, 2 from our Township and 1 non-affiliated member that is picked by the other members.

Read article in November Newsletter for more information

Senior Housing in Duluth Township

The senior housing initiative envisioned in our Township's Comprehensive Plan is moving ahead. Those initially signed up (a refundable $500 application saves a place in line) met Oct. 2nd with Dave Hanson to begin discussions of preferences in building site and features. Potential sites are being reviewed. A public information meeting was held November 6th in the Town Hall. Dave Hanson of Realife, who is working with the Township group, sent out a mailer announcing this meeting and providing some ideas to consider. If you would like to be notified of these meetings, leave a message for Mary Ann Sironen at 525-5705.

High-Speed Fiber Optic Broadband Connection in Duluth Township

Jeffrey S. Roiland, Lake Connections Project Manager

Lake Connections Project Manager Jeff Roiland suggests residents get information at the Lake Connections web site: www.lakeconnections.com and the tab "Gaining Speed" for construction progress.
Lake Connections is at 409 17th Ave, Two Harbors. 218-834-8320.
Watch for Grand Opening of the Two Harbors Central Office at the end of August.

See Lake Connections Website for Details   email   jroiland@lakeconnections.com.

Jobs Wanted or Help Wanted

For our Township Youth

A column for Township youth (under 25yrs) who are seeking work and Township residents who need help with various jobs suitable for youth (babysitting, lawn, garden, maintenance and eventually snow shoveling, etc.).

Leave your ad & contact information at the Town Hall or leave a message 525-5705 or editor@duluthtownship.org

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