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Township Road Turnarounds
September, 2017
Turnaround Permission letters will be sent to property owners at the end of dead-end Township roads seeking permission to use their driveway for road maintenance trucks and plows to turnaround. If adequate turnarounds aren’t available at the end of the road, county plows and township trucks may not be able to maintain or plow the road all the way to the end.

New Speed Trailer
July, 2017
Duluth Township has purchased a speed trailer. You will see it parked on a few of the main roads into the township where speeding has been a problem. The speed trailer will help slow traffic to a safe speed for the residents of the township.

Renewable Energy Comes to Duluth Township
June, 2017
A Resolution in Support of Renewable Energy was adopted at the May Town Board Meeting. Read the resolution here. Duluth Township now owns one solar panel at the Coop Light and Power Solar Garden on Homestead Rd. The solar panel will provide electricity to the Town Hall for 25 years.

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Town Board Meeting (held the second Thursday of every month), Thursday, October 12, 6:30 pm at the Town Hall. Please note: Town Board Meetings now start at 6:30 pm instead of 7 pm.


Annual Harvest Dinner, Saturday, October 14, 5 pm- 7 pm, Town Hall. If you’re interested in volunteering, please call Jody Anderson: 525-4971.


Brush Drop Off Days, Wed-Sat, Oct 18-21: Trim up your yard to protect your home. You can dispose of trimmed branches and small logs at the free FIREWISE drop-off site at our Fire Hall 1 on Ryan Road. The FIREWISE grant will pay for chipping up
branches and small logs on Chipper Day, Oct 21st from 9-5am, Fire Hall 1 on Ryan Road.


NSCS Board Meeting, Monday, October 23, 6 pm at the school.


Planning and Zoning Meeting, Thursday, October 26, 7pm, Town Hall.


Homesteaders, Wednesday, November 1, 12:30 pm, Town Hall, Potluck and turkey bingo. For information, call Rose Vastila at 834-5281.


Celebrating our Common Ground in Images, Words, and Music! Saturday, November 4, Town Hall:  Event will include historical photos depicting gardens, orchards, bee hives, livestock, and fields along with the residents who worked the farms. There will be a writing workshop, readings. and live music.


Planning and Zoning Meeting, Thursday, November 16, Town Hall.


Homesteaders, Wednesday, December 6, 12:30 pm, Town Hall, sandwiches and bars. Music by NSCS students. For information, call Rose Vastila at 834-5281.


Scandinavian Festival, Saturday, December 9, 9 am to 2 pm, French River Lutheran Church. Luncheon served from 11 am-1 pm. Vendors wanted: Call Barb Jackson @ 525-5992.