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Be sure to check out the Community Recreation Website for information about Recreation Programs at the Community Center.

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Community Ed is always looking for community education ideas and instructors.
If you have a skill and/or knowledge you would like to share and would like to make some extra cash while doing it, please consider teaching a class.

If interested contact: Email or
call 525-0663 ext 300.

Classes will be held at either:

Duluth Town Hall
6092 Homestead Road
Duluth, MN 55804
Duluth Township Community Center
5926 Ryan Rd
Duluth, Minnesota 55804

Contact Us
Education Event Coordinator's
Michelle Libby  E-mail
Tera Freese   E-mail
Phone 525-0663 Ext. 300

About Community Education:
Community Education is the educational philosophy that underlies community schools and other community settings that advocate for and implement the creation of opportunities for community members, individuals, schools, businesses, and public and private organizations—to become partners in addressing community needs.
Community Education is a program that is open beyond the traditional school day for the purpose of providing academic, recreation, health, social, and educational programs for people of all ages.
Our Mission Statement:
The mission of the Duluth Township Community Education Program is to offer educational opportunities through the use of school and community resources, to individuals who want to explore new areas of learning, seek enrichment from personal and professional growth, and for those who enjoy the company of others who want to learn.
Instructors Wanted:
If you have a skill and/or knowledge you would like to share and would like to make some extra cash while doing it, please consider teaching a Community Education Class. Visit the Instructor's Corner for information on how to get started .

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